We are looking for smart, self-motivated software developers to join our development team.

Web developer @ Emencia - Paris

We're small, fast, innovative and bursting at the seams with people passionate about technology. We'd like to strengthen our team and we're seeking enthusiastic, creative, intelligent, and fun individuals to join us in a variety of roles. In return, we can offer you a fun but hard-working environment where you can instantly see your contribution to the company's success. We are located in Paris (Bastille 75012) and work in a French and English environment.

Web developer (Full stack or not)

We are looking for smart, self-motivated software developers to join our development team. Good working TDD experience is a real plus for this role. A passion for quality and testing is mandatory.

About you

  • You care about software; you have a passion for what you do which you can clearly convey by your actions rather than just waffly personal statements on your CV.
  • You have an eye for software design and can talk eloquently on a range of topics due to your experiences and also from reading and experimentation.
  • For you, it's more than a job.
  • You contribute to the Open Source community, of course by sharing code but also by translating, testing, hosting events, writing doc or reporting bugs.


Among others things we're strong advocates of testing. Testing guarantees quality, easy collaboration and worry-free maintenance and upgrade. We expect candidates to have knowledge with testing methodology.

If you do have working experience with tests, great! We want to know more. How much? How did you write your tests? How have you used TDD on a recent project? What problems have you faced? The more the better.

The role

Our teams are project-oriented and self-organizing. You'll be working directly with our Product Managers and stakeholders in a highly collaborative manners. This approach requires a huge amount of teamwork and maturity and is not right for everyone, but we believe it's the best way to create great software.

Projects address various concerns from client requirements to long term architectural planning. You can fit in any project according to your skills and wishes, bring your experience and learn from your collaborators.

We expect our developers to deliver quality software. This is achieved by reviewing each other's code using merge requests via Git. An automated test and deployment suite is also part of every project.

Among others things, Pair Programming, TDD/BDD, Refactoring and Continuous Delivery are deeply embedded and we're constantly striving to improve the way we work. Most of our processes are quite young and you would be able to contribute very quickly for better approaches. We know typing is not the bottleneck, so among others things:

  • Daily meetings to share our discoveries and/or difficulties on the projects we're working on
  • Weekly presentations on various subjects (new technology, a new package version release, new approaches, etc...)
  • Regularly attend conferences and community events, both as participants and contributors (Djangocon, Django under the hood, PyconFR, EuroPython, meetups...)
  • However we're far from perfection and are not afraid to say so. We recognize we have many problems which need solving and a long way to go on our journey of continuous improvement.

Technologies we use

Most of our stack is Python/Django but we're using and investigating many other languages and technologies (e.g. Javascript, Ruby, Go, Rust). We'd be interested in candidates from any background as long as you have a keen understanding of Object Oriented languages. Here's a (not exclusive) list of technologies we currently use:

  • Python, Django, Flask, Celery
  • Selenium, pytest, sentry
  • Javascript, jquery, vue.js, angular, react
  • sass, Foundation and bootstrap
  • Redis, Memcached, ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ
  • Postgresql, sqlite, mysql
  • Git
  • Ansible, Docker, Jenkins
  • Nginx
  • Rest, OAuth
  • Slack, Breeze.pm

We're also very keen on open source. We contribute to some of the technologies listed above as well as maintaining our own forks ( + publishing other things we'd like to share) on our github and gitlab account.


  • You can chose your work station (machine and OS)
  • free coffee, drinks and fruits
  • babyfoot
  • no dress code
  • Offices in a typical Haussman building


Contact : +33 1 47 20 23 01
Twitter : @emencia