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React is a JavaScript library created by Facebook, available in open source under the BSD sublicense since 2013. It allows for the management of content and the creation of single-page web applications.

[...] Organized in a top-down tree structure of components

Used in an MVC (model-view-controller) model, React only manages the view part and can be associated with other JavaScript libraries. The application is organized as a tree structure of components, wherein information flows from top to bottom. React uses a virtual DOM to accelerate the speed of the DOM, which is often slow, especially when writing code. Many brands such as Netflix, AirBnB and Sony have chosen this technology.


  • Promotes the creation of reusable components.
  • Limits to the greatest extent possible interactions with the DOM to avoid slowdowns.
  • Encourages a declarative programming style, thereby reducing complexity.
  • LThe library has seen very strong growth thanks to a highly active community. Many reusable open source extensions and components are available.

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