File sharing

Share your files online with Emencia Django Downloader


Emencia Django Store is an online service which allows you to transfer large files and developed in Django / Python.

Share your files online and protect them with a password.

Easy to use, this service requires no software installation, so you can share files with other people and protect them with a password

After downloading the file on the server, the recipients are notified by e-mail with a link and password may be associated to download the file.

Advantages :

  • Easy to use: no software installation required, just a simple browser
  • Administration tool to manage user access
  • Online Services in SaaS mode
  • Maintenance outsourced server - on high availability server
  • Dedicated bandwidth for fast transfer of files
  • Daily backup secure on Raid 1 or Raid 5 + 1 disk backup outsourced.
  • Setting the retention of data is possible
  • Avoid saturating the disk space and your e-mail boxes
  • Quota of disk space on demand
  • Possibility of sharing this service
  • Also available in appliance mode (internal installation on dedicated server business possible)

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