Online Teamwork

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Online teamwork is an essential priority for the corporate world for two main reasons:

  • The development of project-type tasks requires the mobilization of multiple skills
  • Remote geographic structures create a difficult barrier for the implementation of project methods.

Emencia offers the implementation of online teamwork work spaces.

A space of collaborations and exchanges promoting the smooth running of the project.

The work space provides status reports on the progress of projects so that all participants can include information and the files required for the proper conduct of the project.

Access to a common project space is effected by name (user name and password) and each user's role is predefined so as to limit access to certain groups. 


Wiki is a web site content management system that allows for free modification of web pages by all authorized visitors. Wikis are used to facilitate team-writing of documents with a minimum number of constraints. Ward Cunningham invented the wiki in 1995 for a section of a site on computer programming, which he called the WikiWikiWeb. The term "wiki" comes from the Hawaiian repetition of wiki wiki, which means “fast”. In the middle of the 2000s, wikis reached a sound level of maturity and are associated with Web 2.0.


Issue Tracker is a Zope product to manage tickets and is maintained by Peter Bengtsson. This web application, written in Python and based on the Zope application server, is under a ZPL license (compatible with GPL).

It provides tracking of online teamwork tasks.
For example, this solution facilitates project management by breaking the project down into tasks, which are then assigned to competent resources (computer graphics technician for the model, developer for the development of specific functions, integrator, etc.). The participants are notified by e-mail when a new task has been assigned to them. Once the task has been completed, the participant changes the status of the ticket to “completed” and indicates the time spent on the task, so that the project leader can track the conduct of the project and the time spent on it by each participant.

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