The advantages of a CMS

A tool to communicate, share and work together


Zwook, a tool to communicate, share and work together, that offers:

  • Autonomous and intuitive management: a simplified administrative interface
  • Full flexibility in structuring information: creation of unlimited entries and sub-entries
  • Unlimited update of information to be shared: texts, images, download files, forums, etc.
  • Formatting of each entry

And also

  • The creation of private spaces
  • Addition or deletion of members having access to secured portions of the information system (private spaces or spaces limited to groups)
  • Creation of distinct groups of users with access to private information (e.g.: the “Partner” group does not access the same information as the “Client” group)
  • Ability to change the skin, without affecting the information

What are the advantages of “Zwook"?

Ease of management of the content of your pages

The cost of information:

  • Considerable reduction in the production cost of information. The Zwook system automates the management of pages


  • Real-time publication with Zwook
  • Your company saves time

Total control over content:

  • Autonomous update of content
  • Improved quality of content

Organizational impact:

  • Compliance with business processes: multiple contributors may create content in virtual workspaces, then publish the data on the web after validation (workflow)
  • Each of these people may represent an independent profit center that generates one or more types (form or substance) of information
  • Internet users may consult the information produced and receive authorization via an integrated interface to access the personalization functions
  • The generation of web pages and tree structure for a portal is fully dynamic. “Web designers and content producers may work together without their changes affecting the work of others.”
  • Information flows may therefore be shared by all the participants in a site or a network of partner or affiliated sites

Savings in license costs:

  • No server license fees: Zwook is open source (GPL license)
  • No need to install software: everything operates with a simple web browser, which allows for Zwook to be operational on Linux, Mac and Windows.

Longevity and inter-operability of databases:

  • Based on the Zope application server, Zwook strictly complies with information data standards, which allows us to easily integrate, migrate and access standard databases (Sql, LDAP directory …)
  • Python is a programming language that is oriented towards foreground objects, available in the form of free software on all modern IT platforms

Guaranteed upgradeability of the information system:

  • Zwook’s technology offers significant upgradeability. Its extensive modularity allows you to easily adapt new functionalities
  • Zwook’s core is able to integrate an unlimited number of extension modules.

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