XHTML / CSS integration

Our Web designers, to bring you their skills


Emencia has internal expertise in XHTML/CSS integration. All our web designers are immersed in the web integration culture, which accelerates both creation and validation process for a web model.

Our team will guide you.

Each mock-up proposed by one of our information designers can be integrated. Furthermore, if you have a communication agency, our team will collaborate and advise them.

Expertise :

  • Graphic charter integration, using PSD, PNG and Illustrator
  • XHTML models compliant with W3C standards
  • XHTML models and indented and commented style sheets
  • Models tested in the following configurations:
    • Internet Explorer 6 + (Windows)
    • Firefox 3 and + (Windows, Mac, Linux)
    • Chrome (Windows and Mac)
    • Safari 3 and + (Mac)
    • Safari 3 and + (Windows)
    • Other browsers
  • Non-intrusive JavaScript integration (jQuery library)
  • CMS integration (Zwook/Zope, Django CMS, WordPress, Magento Commerce)

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