SEO: Natural referencing

Your web marketing strategy is the chorus of our thinking


Search Engine Optimization is a group of technics used in order to favour the understanding of the thematic and content of one or several pages of a website by search engines.

Those technics aim at bringing a maximum of information regarding the content of a web page to the search engines' web crawler.

The best strategy for optimization.

The goal of this process is to improve the positioning of a web page in search results according to certain keywords related to the main topics of a website.

It is generally considered that a website's positioning is good when it is ranked in the 10 first answers of search results.


What is natural ranking?

  • Improving visibility and positioning of your website in search engines' regarding relevant expressions typed by users.
  • Generating a qualified trafic on the website thanks to requests qualification and places of visibilty.
  • Analysing the route of users on the website so as to optimize the navigation and ergonomics until the aim is achieved.


It is very important to think about natural ranking before building a website. Indeed, one of the key elements of SEO dwells in the URLs' construction. Therefore, it is possible to optimize these URLs before developing your applications.

Obviously, a content of quality, updated regularly, will always make a difference on a medium-term.

In order to draw up an estimate, it is important to provide us with a list of keywords on which you wish to be ranked, so as to define  the semantic field and the strategy to adopt together.

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