Web Marketing

7 years experience in SEO to serving your needs


Your internet site is a marketing tool and must be visible to all suppliers of selected audiences.

The objective of search engine listing is to register your site on search tools in order to generate targeted traffic and increase your visibility to internet users.

A personnalized support by Emencia, in your online communication.

Depending on your communication strategy and the nature of your site, Emencia can support you in:

  • Selecting key words
  • Choosing the most relevant directories and search engines
  • Optimizing your content and navigation
  • Reducing elements that block communication
  • Registering with search engines
  • Tracking your site’s presence and positioning in search results

With close to seven years experience in search engine optimization, Emencia’s web marketing team will ensure your online communication achieves quality performance.

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Do you need to improve your ranking?

Check out our natural ranking offer (SEO - Search Engine Optimization)

Do you need to reinforce your presence on social networks?

Emencia can accompany you through the set up and follow up of your presence on social networks such as : Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest...

Do you need to boost your presence on search engine thanks to pay-per-click advertising (sponsored search)?

Sponsored search is an indispensable complement to natural ranking optimization. it can also bring you a great visibility on short periods such as events, fairs or exhibitions.
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Ranking: Insciption and control of your website's presence in most research tools.

Positioning: Optimization of website's elements in order to make it visible within the first pages of search results related to a keyword or expression

Keyword or expression: word or cluster of words for which it would be interesting to appear in search results.

Web page optimization: Optimize a page for a given word or expression. A page cannot be optimized for several keywords or expressions.

Meta tags: information related to a page and meant to be read and displayed by search engines.
Meta tags are mainly composed of a Title (60 characters) and a Description (200 characters).
The other tags are less used and offer complementary pieces of information, although they are not determining for a better positionning (ex: Keywords, Author...)

Search engine : programs that browse through websites, record their pages and display search results according to a classification which is determined by an algorythm based on given criteria.

The main criteria are the following : 

  • The repetition of keywords in the different elements of a page
  • The quality and quantity of links pointing in direction of the website
  • The frequency of updates
  • The pages' lisibility and accessibillity 

There are hundreds of specific criteria for each engine. The criteria above are only the main ones, used by most search engines.

Web directory: Search tool which lists websites and sorts them by categories and subcategories. Its functioning can be compared to a professional phone book. To appear in one of those directories, websites must be recorded in the proper category/ies by filling a descriptive file, generally asking for a title, the URL and a description.

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