SUPPORT and Maintenance

Your application in the hands of our experts


Emencia offers services covering application maintenance and future upgrades, which also includes corrective, adaptive and upgrade maintenance.

Our packages webmastering

  • Content update
  • Skin changes
  • Creation of banners, graphic creation, newsletters, flash animations
  • Training on the use of Zwook, Django, EDN, Plone, Magento and Mailchimp
  • Your questions on the use of CMS tools proposed.

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 Engineering Fees

  • Correction of bugs
  • Preventive, curative and upgrade maintenance
  • Customized development, module improvement, addition of features
  • Database and application server migrations
  • Application platform migration

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A support for the performance of your web application.

Process :

The maintenance of an ECS/Zwook/Plone/Django/Python application includes the following actions:

Maintenance of the application platform


  • Update of the minor upgrades to the application platform, which provide significant improvement
  • Repairs of safety defects (SecurityFix)
  • Update to correct a bug (HotFix and BugFix)


Either monthly or bi-quarterly service:


  • Update of major upgrades to the application platform, which provide significant improvement
  • Change in Python version
  • Change in the ZODB/relational database engine
  • Major change in a version of Zope/Zwook/Plone/Django


Bi-annual service:

Application maintenance


  • Correction of anomalies unidentified during the warranty period
  • Support to implement configurations for advanced permissions
  • Minor application changes


System administration and operational support

Emencia undertakes to maintain the on-going operational state of the entire pool of servers used with Linux:


  • Update of the operating system and software packages
  • Deployment of new procedures that had not been initially planned
  • Activation of emergency procedures (system restoration or backup)


Reversibility (subject to an estimate)

In the context of the fees for engineering services, Emencia can provide any new provider with all the knowledge and skills developed during the contract period with the Customer (subject to a separate estimate).


Emencia’s technical support can be reached from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm from Monday to Friday on business days at:

  • Email:
  • Telephone: +33 (0)1 47 20 23 01
  • Fax: + 33 (0) 9 56 40 50 45
  • Tracker: url provided by Emencia
  • IRC #ecs

This technical support covers all remote support related to precise, minor requests, as well as a consulting/intelligence service for Python, Zope, Zwook, Plone, Django and Pylons.

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