Hosting Services

Support on your hosting infrastructure


If you are looking for support with your hosting infrastructure, Emencia offers upscale hosting services for your website. The choice of hosting service depends, among other things, on the criticality of your application.

For the hosting of your site Emencia ensures the high-end services.

System Upgrades

Emencia manages security updates and patches published and related to software installed on the server.

System Monitoring

Each server EMENCIA deploys has a set of database probes.

  • Installation of specific probes
  • Nagios monitoring
  • Escalation of alerts


On the servers assigned to the Customer, EMENCIA deploys a metrics system to record in real time all information related to system resources and changes thereto over time.


Emencia offers its expertise to validate the proper sizing of the hosting platform on an ad hoc basis through occasional communication operations. One week before the operation is performed, the Customer informs Emencia of the functional details for this operation.

Web Cache Service

  • Rapidly deliver content to a large number of users
  • Limit and optimize the use of bandwidth
  • Reduce response time for a web query
  • Reduce the consumption of server resources …


Each backup covers the following information:

  • Instance configuration files
  • All of the Django and Python software and extension products
  • SQL, MySQL and postgrès databases

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