Our E-commerce solutions

A complete and scalable solution


Emencia also relies on Magento, a complete and scalable solution that offers technical inputs Zend Framework. This solution provides the appropriate tools for SEO. In addition, through its contribution to the creation of modules, active community allows Magento a constant renewal.

We know that every project is unique and we assist our clients throughout their E-Commerce experience, from design to maintenance of their shop, including through an offer of training in the use of our solutions.

To quickly generate a catalogue of products with configurable parameters.

Magento Commerce

Magento is an e-commerce platform launched on 31 March 2008. It was created by Varien American publisher on the basis of the Zend Framework.

The solution helps to optimize the management of your store to suit your needs. This solution allows you to quickly generate a catalog of products with configurable parameters.

Magento offers marketing tools to facilitate management of promotions and bases of URL rewriting that will optimize your SEO. Highlights of Magento also reside in the active participation of the community that brings daily interactive modules for Magento. 

Key figures of E-Commerce

- 31 million buyers in the first quarter 2012
- 40.2 million of online
- 37.7 billion euros in sales for e-commerce in 2011 against 36.4 in 2010
- 66 000 jobs in the e-commerce in 2010
- 62% of companies expect to increase their workforce in 2012 (sister study Fevad Club HRD Net - November 2010)
- Number of active commerce sites in France, 100 400 in 2011 against 81 900 in 2010 (23%)
- 90 euros: average amount of an online transaction

Source : FEVAD : Key figures

Which position to adopt?

In a market increasingly saturated, you should know how to play your cards right.
That's why a shop offering simple, flexible and scalable solutions to perfection is a significant asset in facing the market contingencies.

To meet the best expectations of its customers, Emencia focused on two alternatives incorporating the essential features to the effective conduct of an online store:

- Customer Management
- Product Management
- Catalog management
- Sales statistics
- Newsletter registration
- Content Management (pages, news)
- Management of promotions and coupons
- Delivery Management
- Management of VAT
- Secure payment
- Etc.

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