System Upgrades

The security of your site, a major concern for Emencia


Emencia manages security updates and patches published and related to software installed on the server. The application of certain patches may require an interruption in system operations.
Emencia notifies the Customer of the maintenance and upgrades planned, in particular when they may cause an interruption in system operations.

Emencia can be driven to undertake urgent actions for the security of your site.

If interruptions in excess of 30 minutes are required, Emencia will schedule its service time with the Customer.

In certain situations, Emencia may be required to urgently apply drastic measures, for example:


  • Deactivation of a part of a site further to a security alert related to Apache, PHP or Django
  • Quarantining of connections from part of the internet network further to a virus alert
  • Databases set to read-only mode if data is corrupted in order to avoid further damage
  • Etc.


Emencia then notifies the Customer as soon as possible so as to explain its decision. The Customer may ask Emencia to reactivate the relevant feature once informed of the risks it runs and if it accepts these risks.


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