Emencia expertise at the service of your hosting


Emencia offers its expertise to validate the proper sizing of the hosting platform on an ad hoc basis through occasional communication operations.

One week before the operation is performed, the Customer informs Emencia of the functional details for the operation:

  • Communication date, time and method (web ad or classic media, quote on the radio or television), in order to evaluate the expected site audience
  • Elements related to communication (web ad arrival page, URL communicated to the media)
  • Other relevant information.

An audit of your site through a simulation under exact conditions.

Emencia then conducts an audit on performance and submits the site to a load comparable to the one expected during the operation. At the end of the audit, a summary document is produced that indicates, in particular:

  • The exact test conditions (number of simulated visitors and working assumptions)
  • The change in the platform’s resource consumption during the test
  • The response time observed in relation to the load applied
  • A conclusion indicating whether the platform is considered adequate or if hardware or software changes should be planned.

At the end of this benchmarking, the Customer may in full knowledge ask for changes to guarantee optimal conditions for its targeted audience.

This benchmarking is invoiced separately.

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