Backup Service

The protection of your data by us


Data security for dedicated servers 

Each backup covers the following information :

  • Instance configuration files
  • Database content
  • All the Django and Python software and extension products
  • SQL, MySQL and postgrès databases.


R1Soft - sauvegardes de vos données serveurs dédiés

The R1 Soft technology, which only backs up increments, is an optimal backup solution as it protects your data continuously. The risk of data loss is therefore limited and is counted in seconds or minutes instead of hours or days, like other backup solutions.

Another advantage of this solution: everything is copied, including open files. Former versions, even when they have been deleted, are saved for a defined period and can be retrieved easily via an intuitive web interface.

Finally, this same interface allows for the restoration of an entire disk in identical form if an incident arises, with no other installation being required to start up the system. The restoration period ranges from 20 minutes to approximately one hour, while other backup solutions require a number of hours or days.

Additionally, the machine is configured in raid1 or raid5, thereby very significantly limiting the risk of hardware breakdowns.

Backups can be restored by way of a simple explicit request to Emencia. Each request requires a ticket. Then restoration takes place during working days and hours and within eight hours of the ticket being issued.

Data Security for Virtualized Servers

The storage provided by EMENCIA on its servers is managed storage, which means that unless the Customer makes an explicit request,

  • All hard drives are configured in RAID (in order to avoid a loss of all data should a single hard drive fail),
  • A data backup service (invoiced as a supplement) is provided in order to cover all of the Customer’s server files.

With this strategy in place, if an incident occurs (hardware or software problem, or a human error), EMENCIA and the Customer have the most recent version possible of the applications and data.

If needed (for example, when data is erased accidentally), the Customer has a secure interface from which the Customer can directly retrieve a former version of a file. This interface can be accessed with a simple web browser.

About BackupPC

BackupPC - sauvegardes de
données LINUX - serveurs virtualisés Emencia - opensource

BackupPC is free software for computer backups published with a GPL license. It is used to back up a set of customer stations and servers on a single disk under Unix, Linux, Windows or Mac OSX. The protocols that can be used for the transfers are: SMB, tar over SSH/rsh/nfs and rsync. No installation of customer software is required on the machines to be backed up. It has a web interface to launch backups or restore files. You can also back up databases using a shell script launched prior to the backup.

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Service de sauvegardes - backup serveur

On the Customer’s request, EMENCIA can also restore a file, directory or entire server. If the data restoration requires a specific action (for example, a search for a file whose name is unknown) or if the data must be sent to a physical device (USB key, CD, DVD), an additional estimate will be provided to cover the costs incurred.

EMENCIA procures resources to allow for the saving of three full weekly backups, as well as six differential daily backups. With this strategy, the prior three weeks are available if data is changed or accidentally erased, while keeping an instantaneous image of the system at D-1 at all times to restore the system if a severe hardware problem occurs or all data is lost.

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