Consulting and Audits offers

Your business expertise is the chorus of our thinking


Your expertise is in your business processes and ours is in Internet potential. The combination of these two forms of expertise results in solutions that are 100% suited to your needs.

 To this end, the creation of a well-defined working context and full mutual confidence are essential: this is the role of our consulting phases.

The analysis of your needs and the existing structure, then a general concept design, provide the foundations for a successful project. The execution stage follows and involves various players and partners.


  • Analysis and reorganization of your documentary architecture
  • Technical validation and deployment of solutions
  • Audit of the access to information on the web (ergonomics, compatibility)
  • Audit of database migration


We work closely with you to :

  • Assist in structuring your project specifications
  • Plan the implementation stages
  • Define challenges and priorities
  • Design services and an upgrade strategy for your site
  • Prepare the functional specifications
  • Select service providers and/or partners (for the logistics of your online store, for example)
  • Manage execution
  • Define and implement the organizational structure


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